"The destiny of nations depends on how they nourish themselves" - BRILLAT SAVARIN

The Week of Tastes is a program that teaches students how to recognize and appreciate taste through sensory exercises, language development and interacting with a local food professional.

Umami, delectable, fragrant, piquant, crispy. Are these words your students understand and regularly use when talking about their food?

While there are many messages sent to children these days about what to eat and not eat, there is often a lack of practical help on how to recognize and appreciate their taste.

Here at Week of Tastes, we believe understanding how we use our five senses, developing a rich food vocabulary and connecting with a local food producer, children will have a better chance of making smart food choices.

The Week of Tastes delivers a food education program to Stage 2 (composites welcome) students using sensory exercises, language development and an interaction with local food producers.

 The Week of Tastes allows children:

  • to understand how they use their five senses to appreciate food
  • enrich their food vocabulary
  • develop curiosity and a positive attitude towards new foods
  • discover the diverse world of flavours
  • learn the link between good food choices and good health
  • and connects them to chefs, bakers, pastry chefs, cheese makers or other food producers in their community.

 Students across Sydney, regional NSW, and Tasmania taste, bake and cook their way to a better understanding of taste. They express their creativity through wonderful artwork, and food memories are explored with some brilliant writing and poetry submitted through "My most memorable meal."

If you would like to register your school for the next Week of Tastes... (CLICK HERE) or would like further information on how you can participate, please contact HELEN.